• Jewellery Re-Design

Starting with a relaxed consultation in our Woodbridge studio or in London, Susannah will talk through the item's history, what you wish to preserve and discuss the styles and themes you prefer. She will take time to examine the existing piece, assessing the stones with an expert eye to ensure that the remodelled piece is of the highest quality.

The design process which then follows is the same as for our newly crafted items, with Susannah sketching out initial concepts and beginning work sourcing any additional precious metals or gemstones which may be required. Once this is done, we progress to scale drawings and 3D computer designs which is when you will first see the full impact of the transformation. We do make a charge for this part of the process, but this is deducted from the final payment once the piece is complete.

Once the final designs are approved, work will begin on handcrafting the piece. This will be completed with the utmost skill and respect for the history and emotional worth of the piece.

Sapphire & Diamonds

This traditional cluster ring was transformed to a much loved and admired contemporary 3 band ring.   Sprinkled with pretty sapphire and diamonds, the low setting made it comfortable and easy to wear.

Emerald & Diamonds

From these two classic style rings we transformed the important stones into a treasured 21st birthday present for our client’s granddaughter.  The result was, we are pleased to say, a resounding success.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Here we transformed the original rather fragile but well loved ring creating a completely new modern look in a secure and more robust and wearable design.