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About Diamonds

Formed over 500,000 years ago, diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. Gem quality diamonds are not only durable and rare, but the unique way in which light is reflected from their back facets (reflective index) gives them an amazing sparkling beauty of their own.

Choosing diamond Jewellery should be an exciting and luxurious experience. Susannah's experience and qualifications as a gemmologist mean that your investment in diamonds is truly reflected in the price you pay. And should you wish to know more about your individual purchase, then she is happy to explain further. Moreover, it's also reassuring to know that her diamonds have been ethically sourced.

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About Pearls

Pearls never go out of fashion. Indeed, they were highly prized in ancient China and Egypt, then by the elite of ancient Rome and by countless generations ever since.

Perhaps it's because they are the only gem created by a living creature, or simply because of their sheer natural beauty, but whatever the reason pearls have always adorned discerning, fashion conscious women.

And for those getting married, they continue to symbolise faithfulness, wisdom and purity.

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About Gold

Gold has always been alluring. Indeed the symbol for gold - Au - is an abbreviated form of the Latin word for gold (Aurum) meaning 'glowing dawn'. Because of its beauty, the fact it doesn't tarnish or rust and because it's so malleable, gold has been used for jewellery for at least 5,000 years. The most notable and most extravagant ancient use was for the burial of Tutankhamen; his coffin alone was lined with 100 kilograms of gold.

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